About Me

Photographer / Designer

Jamie Caputo

When people ask me what type of photographer I am, I usually answer with
“Well I shoot a bit of everything but my main passion is architectural photography”

Coming from a background of Real Estate and development my father would spend hours showing and explaining to me how design, engineering and innovation can come together to create amazing architecture, giving me an eye to capture the lines, flow and textures used by the designer.

Born in Northern Beaches Australia, schooled at St Augustine’s
Brookvale where I was introduced to my first insight of the art. 2 years of
incredible learning and experiences from building our own cardboard camera and
developing film in a dark room to discovering the power of Adobe Photoshop and
the digital world of photography.

I then went on to pursue a career in the family business keeping
photography as a hobby. I spent the next 9 years as a property manager and
worked closely with my father in architecture and development and was exposed
to the world of property. My father has a very good eye for flow and balance in
design which I admire most about his work.

My goal is to showcase the beauty, innovation and engineering
the designer intended. Whether it is a small en-suite bathroom to an entire
house or building, I focus on the intricate details that give the work its feel
and style.

My passion also extends to all types of photography, as I love
bringing out the most interesting aspects of the subject, whether its food,
people, landscape or nature. No matter how many times something has been shot
there will never be two identical photographs.

I’m based in Brookvale, Sydney but do travel for projects. If
you are interested in booking a photo shoot or have any questions, please
contact me. Whether it’s a simple profile head shot, cafe, house, no problem.